Thursday, 22 September 2016

September 2016 #gdnbloggers chat

Hello all, Happy Bit-Between-Summer-And-Autumn! I'm ridiculously chuffed to be able to tell you that our guest host for Sunday's #gdnbloggers chat will be Lia Leendertz, wonderful garden writer and all round good egg.

Lia has just tipped the half-way point for the crowd funding page for The New Almanac and, in the spirit of this terrific new project, we'll be looking at the influence of the changing seasons upon us as garden bloggers.

How do seasonal shifts affect your moods, your available time, your gardening and, of course, your blogging? Do you make use of seasonal events to drive your editorial schedule? And do you find any difference in your site traffic according to the time of year?

We'll conclude the hour with ten minutes or so of "questions from the floor" for Lia, on all things garden writer-y, allotment-y and what ever else you can thing of to which to append "-y".

Do join us this Sunday evening, 7-8pm on Twitter with the hashtag #gdnbloggers, or on Twubs at Hope to see you there!

Lia's crowdfunding page is

Petra's blog post is here