Monday, 14 March 2016

#gdnbloggers chat #2 – running order

Hello everybody, and thank you all for the amazing contributions you've made to the ‪#‎gdnbloggers‬ community here and on Twitter! A quick reminder that the SECOND #GDNBLOGGERS CHAT is this Sunday at 7pm. The general theme will be around what motivates us as garden bloggers, and the idea will be to structure the chat around the following four questions.

19:05-19:15 Why do you blog?

19:15-19:30 How do you get your ideas for blog posts?

19:30-19:45 Do you ever get blogger's block? What do you do to get out of that hole?

19:45-20:00 What do you think garden bloggers have to add to the mix of garden writing in the traditional media (print and online)?

The inaugural chat was a glorious bunfight of a thing, but the feeling generally seems to be that it was a little chaotic! If we can keep roughly to the topics and the time slots outlined above, I'm hoping we'll all find the whole hour a bit more beneficial. A slightly more structured approach also means you can skip a section if it's not of particular interest to you.

Hope to see you there, spread the word folks, and happy garden blogging!