Tuesday, 19 April 2016

#gdnbloggers chat #3 – running order

Hello everybody, and thank you all for keeping Garden Bloggers going on Facebook and Twitter. A quick reminder that the THIRD #GDNBLOGGERS CHAT is this Sunday at 7pm. We will be looking at: Other people's content - Guest Blogging, PRs and press releases, and the idea will be to structure the chat around the following questions.

19:05-19:15 What are your thoughts on Guest Blogging? Is it something you already do, or are interested in starting?

19:15-19:30 Would you have Guest Bloggers on your own blog?

19:30-19:45 Do you do product reviews on your blog?

19:45-19:55 Is your blog on the PR radar and, if so, is it something you actively encourage?

Finally, if time, a bit of housekeeping -

19:55-20:00 How are you finding the Garden Bloggers experience? Is it working? Any frustrations?

Hope to see you there, spread the word folks, and happy garden blogging!